Saturday, September 13, 2008

Take a hike ike

This video is about 8 am the morning AFTER the storm. Didn't sleep much last night as I was up watching the storm. The power went out about 1am so my news coverage was cut short. It went out just as the eyewall was about to make landfall in Galveston. I hated not knowing what was going on. Spencer and Peyton woke up and I let them look out the door and they were NOT impressed with rain blowing in their faces and went back to bed.

I took some videos and pictures overnight, but it was too dark and none of them turned out :(I spent the evening and even through the night talking to my family in Canada on the phone giving them a blow by blow of what was happening (no pun intended)
Around 3am our oak tree in the backyard started to fall over against the house. Its a little taller than our two story house and is only about 8 feet from the back of the house. Before anyone gets too excited, it didn't cause any damage - its not that big. You can wrap both your hands around the trunk. The branches were just pounding against the upstairs gameroom windows though and I thought of running outside and hanging on it to make it fall. Considering two sore back and the fact that the screen door almost blew off when I opened the door; I decided against it. It finally fell about an hour later and did NOT break the windows. It fell ON the bbq though. We had moved it up against the house to protect it :) It didn't hurt it at all, but I can't get it off so we can grill. Good thing we have a gas stove so we can eat hot meals.It poured until almost noon and then rained on and off for the rest of the day. It was still pretty windy for most of the morning too. Once the sun came up we went outside to check out the backyard. My beautiful pecan tree had lost about half of its leaves and the ones that were left were shredded. At least its still standing though. We had some shingles on the ground, some broken palm leaves, totally destroyed banana trees, part of the fence was down and my flowers were flattened by the wind.
Other than those small things we faired really well. We let Ike (our lizard mascot) go this afternoon too. Figured he would not blow away any more now.
The kids were facsinated by the downed tree.
Caden was most concered with the fact that the pool was overflowing despite the drainage vent. It was raining faster than it could drain.
The kids biggest concern by far was that the power was out. Caden turned on EVERY light switch to show me and told me a hundred times that the ceiling fans were NOT working. The kids were going through some serious Sponge Bob withdrawal by midafternoon so we decided to go for a drive and see the neighbourhood. It was just awful what happened to some people's houses. We could not make it to Spencer's school to check it out as the road was flooded. Some of the neigbourhood parks were in bad shape too. Tons of pine trees on roofs and roads. Lots of people out in the rain with their chainsaws helping each other and trying to clear the roads too. I felt kind of dumb ooing and ahhing over my TINY bit of damage when I saw what other people were dealing with.
We did discover one of the reasons we had no power.......a pole was down and accross the road with electric wires all over the road. You could see a whole row of poles leaning way over with really loose wires on them. I guess we will have no power for a while. I wonder if sponge bob will wait for us???
It is so hot and humid today the drive with a/c was a nice break. Tonight we even sat in the car in the driveway and watched Thomas the Train on dvd and had bedtime snacks. The kids were too afraid to sleep in their rooms with no power. They were insisting that it was scary in the dark. Despite my arguments that I turn all the lights off when we go to bed anyway they insisted on staying with me. We stayed downstairs because it was cooler and I already had the air mattresses down there. I felt a little uncomfortable leaving the windows opened as it was so dark and I didn't know who (or what monster) might come in if I opened them. The kids woke up a few times crying that they were hot and sweaty. So was I!!!!!!
Bob is still at work and doesn't get to come home until tomorrow. Good thing I am not afraid of the dark. lol The phones are out too and the cell phones only work occasionally. I would love some adult company.
Luckily I have my fully charged Nintendo DS, thanks Sharon, Shawn and Kevin!!!!

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