Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Anniversary

We've been married 10 years today. Of course we both totally forgot with all thats going on that today was even the day. My friend Elizabeth called and managed to get through on the cell phone and got Bob on the way to work. He called me and wished me happy anniversary and was the best for remembering UNTIL I talked my friend later and she told me he had no idea either. He just laughed when I caught him and said she had a big mouth. lol
Still no power and the lines remain loose and some with trees on them. Part of our neighbourhood got power yesterday. Its just not right!!! It wasn't so bad when no one had power, misery loves company. Now I look outside and can see the houses with power they are so close.
I worked Tuesday and Wednesday and barely made it through with my sore back. One of our critical care doctors listened to my lungs and gave me a prescription for bronchitis and pneumonia. I'm like the walking dead lol. James and Queta watched the kids for us when Bob left for work until I came home. They didn't want to come home when I went to get them as James and Queta have power. The weather has been great and no humidity.
Heres a picture of our neighbourhood park that we can walk to. We let the kids walk around and check it out. They thought it was pretty cool.
Peyton has been trying to amuse herself and is making me crazy. She is drawing dolls on paper and then cutting them out. She must have 100 of them and leaves all the scraps of tiny paper all over the floor. Cutting paper is her new favorite thing to do!!!!!! She actually is really good at it too!

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