Thursday, September 04, 2008

My gorgeous girl

Peyton has been bugging me for months to get her hair cut short. I have resisted until now. I have been telling her that she won't be able to wear cute little bows and put it up like she always does.
She says she doesn't care and wants it short.
When you ask her how short, she puts her little hands up to her ears. She has been crying with huge tears running down her face EVERY morning while I try to comb out the knots, and thats with the no more tangles spray and tons of conditioner. She has such thick hair and is so tender headed it just breaks my heart.

I chickened out last time we were at the hairdresser and just got it trimmed. She has never had more than a trim.

Bob came with me and it was much more traumatic for us than for her.

She smiled the whole time and was thrilled. Sydney and Peyton came around the corner when she was done and looked shocked too.

She has been running around all night flicking her hair around. She came running to me panicked asking if her hair was still short and relieved when I told her it hadn't grown in.
I am so glad I let her cut it short. She LOVES it and couldn't be any cuter!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

SHE IS SOOO CUTE. That style really suits her, she is still gorgeous.