Sunday, September 14, 2008

Light at the end of the tunnel....kind of

Bob's parents got us a generator!!!!
James (his brother) drove to Oklahoma to get it. They also got him one and window a/c units for us both too. I can't thank them enough for being so generous!!!
He got to our house just in time for Bob to set it up before he went back to work. He is having to work 12 hour nights until further notice.
We put the a/c in the livingroom window and even had tv. Too late for most of the stuff in the freezer, but at least we could save some.
Now that Bob came home we were able to move the tree off the bbq and bring out our lawn furniture so we had something to sit on. We also cleaned a lot of our debris out of the yard.
The kids tried helping too. There is so much "stuff" at the bottom of the pool and obviously the pump won't work without electricity. We just added chlorine and the kids tried to get the leaves out. I should have thrown them in to get the debris off the bottom. Its really cold though from all the rain.
The generator is SOO noisy. I am turning it off at night so the neighbours don't come and linch us. lol
Now that the rain is gone its not too bad for sleeping, the humidity is down.

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